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CBD Balm

Revitalise your skin with CBD Heavens Full Spectrum Balm, a delightful vanilla flavour, CBD Moisturising Balm helps to improve skin tone and relax those aching muscles, clients have reported cases of how else CBD Heavens balms have helped with a multitude of skin conditions. Please read our testimonials for more details. You only need to rub a pea sized amount in to your skin.

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CBD Crystal Isolate


A tropical tree with aromatic white flowers, large...

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CBD Doms Muscle Therapy


CBD DOMS Muscle Therapy Produced in house By 6 Science for CBD Heaven is used by performance athletes and people recovering after excerise or inury. A blend of amino acids, magnesium, CBD and other ingredients targets muscle and tendon recovery at the source of the pain.  

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CBD E-liquid 0mg Natural

CBD Heaven e-liquid is available in a variety of flavours, sizes and of course strength of CBD All E-liquid is filled in ISO certified clean rooms, and as ever all CBD is batch tested at a leading UK university using GCMS, Head space analysis and HPLC to determine any impurities in our product sources. Product … <a href="http://cbd-heaven.co.uk/product/tea-tree/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "CBD E-liquid 0mg Natural"</span><span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>

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