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About Us

Welcome to CBD-Heaven.co.uk

We are committed to providing unrivalled quality in product with a competitive price for CBD Hemp products, our aim is to provide premium, natural hemp based products synergised with other core ingredients to create proprietary blend products that provide numerous health benefits and improve upon overall wellness and quality of life.

As a company we are overly transparent, we partner with leading analytical Universities and laboratories in the United Kingdom using UK sourced product to ensure the purity of our products is of the highest quality. As a company customer satisfaction is our main concern.

CBD Heaven is committed to establishing itself as the market leaders in CBD help products, from oil, to creams, for humans and animals. Our market leading Full Spectrum CBD enhances the Endocannabinoid system to create internal harmony and a revitalise health.

We never compromise on ingredients and quality and the research we are commissioning on a daily basis is intended to improve the well-being of millions of people worldwide, taking current research and expanding upon it even going so far as to understanding which qualities are beneficial to various conditions.Our message to anybody wanting a happier and healthier lifestyle free from pain and suffering is to enjoy a slice of heaven on earth rest assured in the understanding the CBD Heaven is working with you every step of the way.

CBD Heavens range of delivery mechanisms mean you have a wide range of choice to select the most appropriate method, from Tinctures to E-Liquids, sweets, sleeping aids, amino acid infused CBD muscle cramping creams to even pet care products.

Everybody animals included deserve an enhanced lifestyle. CBD Heaven is a place on earth.

Happy Customers

Happy customers mean everything to us, we strive to ensure orders are fulfilled the same day and collected the same day, larger batch runs for wholesale accounts may require manufacturing time however.

Massive choice

We believe we have a wide range of products with varying strengths and sizes and even flavours, we innovate the CBD market.

Innovation and efficiency

Our understanding of science and nature path the way to providing unrivaled products that you can be certain will work for your need and requirements.

Who we are

We boast a team of leading bioscientists, Masters and Phd educated with access to the industry leading pharmacological laboratories for testing and evaluating of all ingredients before being put in to product. We source responsibility we formulate clinically.

About Us


Thank you for visiting the official website of CBD-Heaven.co.uk

CBD Heaven was the company CEO’s dream from the tender age of 15, when Michael was 15 he already understood the healing effects that low levelled THC content plant matter could benefit humans, and felt so dismayed to understand it wasn’t available.

He took the time and effort to write to parliament lobbying his local MP.  He received a letter back stating it wasn’t in the governments plans, he went so far as to list a plethora of illnesses and conditions and mention the ways not only the government could make money, but that huge NHS bills could be potentially slashed by treating with this miracle herb.

Some 26 years on, the letter is on the wall of his office pride of place, CBD is permitted for sale dependent upon THC levels, but are scientist attempting breakthroughs?

CBD Heaven a 6Science company certainly is.

Daily laboratory work takes place in multi million pound laboratories, we strive to make a breakthrough in fully understanding Full spectrum CBD and the benefits it holds to the endocannabinoid receptor system.

Year Experience
Same day dispatch
Happy Clients

Proud to show what we worth with daily

Mike here, the CEO, my father once said to me, that every good manufacturer should be proud to show of their facilities, not to believe those that couldn’t take you on a tour of their production facilities.

Here a few pictures of the equipment we use during the standardisation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) for all of our products.

Study videos will be following shortly with a star cast of people working for CBD Heaven that you might meet.

hplc for cbd

Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry

The laboratory’s Agilent GC-MS instrument used to determine potency evaluation of THC and CBD, pesticide and mycotoxins analysis terpenes profiling as well as for other solvent residues and other chemical measurement requirements. GC-MS is used for the analysis of volatile, semi-volatile and cannabinoid compounds and is coupled to an extensive commercial NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) database using the Mass Hunter data analysis work flow software that it is able to search for and identify analytes in mixtures over a wide mass range simultaneously. It is capable of qualitative and quantitative analysis being able to detect analytes to ppb limits of detection and beyond using SIM (single ion monitoring) with high precision and reproducibility.





Gas Chromatography Combustion Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen can serve as endogenous parameters for the authenticity assessment of flavours and essential oils. Isotope signatures of natural compounds are imprinted by biochemical reactions and physical processes. Geographical, climatic and agricultural parameters affect the isotopic compositions of plants and animals providing a basis for isotope fractionation. Isotopic ratios measured by GC-IRMS allow the differentiation between synthetic and natural products as well as geographical provenance preventing frauds in flavour products. These data provide isotopic fingerprints as a robust tool for flavour authenticity.


Other types of analytical process, such as liquid chromatography, which does not vaporize samples, can detect both THC and THCA, and CBD and CBDA, which must be accounted for when calculating the total concentration of these components.


Headspace Gass Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry

Cannabis sativa (cannabis or marijuana) contains over 100 different terpenes and terpenoids, including mono, sesqui, di and tri, as well as other miscellaneous compounds of terpenoid orgin. Terpenes give the plant distinct organoleptic properties and produce characteristic aromas when the buds are heated or vaporized. Although the terpene profile does not necessarily indicate geographic origin of a cannabis sample, it can be used in forensic applications to determine the common source of different samples. In addition, different cannabis strains have been developed which have distinct aromas and flavors, a result of the differing amounts of specific terpenes present.

GC-MS Headspace helps to find out the following information from the CBD-based formulations.

a. Residual solvents used during the extraction of cannabinoid

b. Provides the unique aroma

c. relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids determine strain

d. Identification of residual solvents from packaging



Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

Cannabis and hemp plants are extremely efficient at absorbing heavy metals from the environment and although these elements have important biochemical and physiological functions, they are extremely toxic to humans at higher concentrations. This is a particular worry for long-term users of cannabis and hemp products, such as those who suffer from epilepsy, as they can accumulate in the body and cause serious harm.

The FDA currently recommends that the four elements cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury be analysed in all drug products, excipients, and substances. Because the determined safety of a cannabis or hemp product is dependent on the final form it takes and whether it’s inhaled or ingested, it’s critical that instruments used to analyse these products are reliable and effective.

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is the gold standard for measuring heavy metal content in cannabis and hemp products. This instrument offers users superior sensitivity, enabling the detection of metals in the sub-parts per billion concentrations. The wide variety of cannabis forms available means a robust sample preparation method is needed. This typically consists of homogenization followed by microwave digestion to break down the complex cannabis or hemp matrix and extract the heavy metals for quantification and identification.


headspace analysis

Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry

The Waters QTOF Mass System with Mass lynx Software provides sensitive and comprehensive screening with full scan MS/MS for spectral library searching, tools for automatic formula finding, and isotope matching for the ultimate confidence in determination potency testing of THC/CBD, identification of pesticides, mycotoxins, plant regulators and flavonoid testing.






Gas chromatography – Flame Ionization Detector

GC/FID is preferred for speed of analysis and simplicity in routine identification and quantification of cannabinoid concentrations. The majority of THC and CBD exist as tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) and cannabidiol acid (CBDA), in their natural form within the plant. These molecules are thermally labile, and undergo decarboxylation to form THC and CBD when smoked, cooked, or vaporized within a gas chromatography machine.

Other types of analytical process, such as liquid chromatography, which does not vaporize samples, can detect both THC and THCA, and CBD and CBDA, which must be accounted for when calculating the total concentration of these components.


Liquid Chromatography

Our laboratory Perkin Elmer HPLC station is used to determine potency, each providing different advantages. Generally, HPLC is preferred as it is able to identify THCA and CBDA, the native acidic forms that are present in the plant material. This analytical tool is therefore often preferred for edible materials and extracted tinctures, or for determining potency in the original plant material.

filling line

Filling Lines

Automated filling lines

An example of the filling line we use in house for the safe and sanitary filling of any of our products, this automated system will fill to a known capacity by weight, plug where needed and cap, this then leads to a conveyor system where after product labelling takes place, each filling line has its own set of peristaltic pump aparatutus.




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